Fun With Flash

  It's amazing how long it has been since I updated this page. I've been writing Flash stuff for years since I added anything at all. How embarrassing. I'm adding a couple things today, right up hear near the top.

Tim Kemp

Putty Faces - this one is really fairly simple. It produces a sort of carnival mirror effect.

Happy go Pukey - No actionscript at all, just a stupid little movie that plays over and over and over. Watch it closely and if you are prone to vomiting it will get you there. Enjoy. (warning almost 1 MB, not for the slow of connection.)

Gravity - This is a really poor gravitational body simulation.  It ignores numerous issues that would effect it's behavior in the real world.  The way it is, it runs pretty fast and is fun to play with, so I decided to leave it as it is.  There are three controls in this "simulation".  The '+' and '-' buttons let you add and remove satellites.  Grabbing the red "planet" and dragging it around produces interesting changes in the orbits of the satellites.

As simple as it is it's rather addictive.

Ratsy Clock - This is a simple analog clock.  I made it for my sister Ratsy's site, therefore it is a "Ratsy" clock. I also made one with her face on it, but I like this one better.  It's resizeable.  The blinking eyes remind me a bit of the old cat clocks.
I'll add more later.  I'm currently working on several small and large projects.